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How a small adjustment to your resume will make your phone ring.

You probably heard comments like: make your resume specific to the job you are applying for or customize each resume to the employer you are targeting. It’s great advice but how do you do it effectively without reinventing yourself over and over again with each and every job you are applying for?

You all are very well aware of the fact that the most important attention grabbing real-estate on your resume is the first 1/3 of the first page. This is where the first impressions are being formed. It’s either you speak employer’s language or not, and if not, no one will read further, and out you go. This is where you must make a strong case of your complete relevancy to the hiring manager.

In order to fully engage the reader, my advice to you is that within your resume to include a Profile section with two paragraphs, positioned right under the name and contact details header. The first paragraph will be devoted to overview of your capabilities and personal attributes. The second paragraph should be dedicated to showing your complete compatibility with the offered job. Prior to constructing the content of this part, make sure to fully dissect the job opening, and as relevant, include elements in your background that are directly related to the specifications of the job posting. Make yourself a perfect fit, as if this job posting was written with you in mind.

Motivate the employer to keep reading on to the very end. The more s/he reads, the more they will emotionally connect with you and your capabilities, the higher your chances of getting that call for an interview.

Using this approach, your customization is reduced to a minimum and focused on the most critical part of your resume where it counts the very most, in the land of first impression.

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