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Choose wisely - your life depends on it.

Updated: Apr 10

Some more than others, but we all have a closet full of mental baggage. As we grow older and venture in to the world, somehow we tend to believe than this collection of past experiences defines who we are for a lifetime, and it’s a waste of our time trying to change who we have become. Let’s just accept it as a fact and make the best of it.

I’m here to say, that this assumption is completely false. This confining self-definition is a result of a conditioned thinking which derived from our long-gone past. To illustrate my point, here is a short personal experience I have had. I like to run while listening to music and for a long period of time had a desire to let myself go and start moving my hands and arms to the beat. And yet, never did so, being concerned with what will others think of me?

Then, early one morning… it just happened. All of the sudden, I’m finding myself, running and waiving my hands to the tune of Ghost Town by Adam Lambert. I felt like Zubin Mehta, waving my magic wand, conducting over NY Philharmonic. As I became aware of it, the first thought was to stop and behave, but it felt so good that I just kept enjoying myself. Some people gave me ”the look” and some probably considered dialing for an ambulance. But, I just didn’t care. Their presence was completely non-existent in my awareness of what went on around me. I remember thinking: “Why should I stop – I’m not bothering anyone. I’m entitled to a piece of happiness too.”

I don’t know exactly how and what caused this shift in me. It seems like early in the morning my old-self-thinking was still asleep and did not get a chance to contaminate my decision to put myself first and not worry about what will others think of me. Needless to say, I truly enjoyed the experience and realized that how much fun I can have if only I get out of my own way.

There it is. Just a short illustration that the limitations we put upon ourselves are totally self-imposed. It is our insecure thinking that is stopping us from realizing our happiness and potential. I urge you to question the validity of your constraining thoughts and realize that they play a major part in the choices you make.

Regardless of the circumstances, when negative thoughts pop into your head, become aware that they are generated by the negative experiences you have had in the ancient past. They are just memories and not facts. No need to analyze, negotiate or force them out. Just ignore them and they will evaporate.

Pick something that has been challenging you lately, such as fear of singing karaoke in a bar or learning a new set of skills. Apply this understanding, and watch how fast your mind clears and gets refilled with positive and constructive thoughts coming from your uncontaminated and talented mind. At any point in life, you hold the ultimate key to your overall well-being by having the free-will to decide what thoughts to dismiss and what thoughts to believe. So, choose wisely as your life’s happiness and success truly depend on it. Best wishes and please share your experience of implementing the above.

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