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Spiritual Secret of Successful Sales Career

Regardless if you sell in-person or over the phone, if you sell shoes or satellites, your ability to radiate a positive energy, is the most critical variable in establishing a mutually beneficial relationships with a prospect.

I’m talking about the same type of energy you feel when you meet someone you like versus dislike or someone you love opposed to someone you hate. Call it chemistry or intuition, it all means the same: The emotional response to a presence of another individual.

So, what is responsible for this inner indicator that is so vital to your ability to establish a trustworthy relationship with, hopefully, a client-to-be? In my opinion, it’s all about your ability to be completely immersed in listening to every word the prospect says. You might say: “It’s obvious. Listening skills are important. You are not saying anything new.” Well, my friend, it is not that simple. The spectrum of listening spans from listening with an empty mind to listening with a mind full of random thoughts, judgments, expectations, agendas, and closing techniques.

Being in a state of mind of pure and sincere listening, without anything on your mind, giving the other person all the mental space s/he needs to fully express themselves, will generate within you a positive frequency which will intuitively be picked up and felt by others. It will serve as a sign of reassurance that you can be trusted.

Few words about all traditional sales techniques: “It’s time to let them rest in peace.” Just have faith in your intelligence to come up with the most suitable response to any question or concern the client poses. Believing in your inner wisdom, will lead to the most appropriate win-win outcome, and to a stress-free success as sales professional.

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