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An Intuitive Method to Discover and Rank Career Options


Simple – Specific – Effective

Guide to Identify Career Direction







                       Elie Klachkin



JOREL Foundation

184 South Livingston Avenue, S9181

Livingston, New Jersey 07039, USA

Tel: 973.432.0528


ISBN:  978-1-4951-5947-3 (digital)

ISBN:  978-1-5323-0869-7  (soft cover)

Copyright © 2015 Elie Klachkin

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced by any mechanical, photographic or electronic process or in the form of phonographic recording; nor may it be stored in a retrieval system, transmitted, or otherwise be copied for public or private use without prior written permission of the author.

The book does not dispense any medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for any physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a medical professional, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for emotional and spiritual wellbeing. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, the author and the publisher assume no responsibility for your actions.


First Edition February 2015

Printed in the United States of America












Dedicated with loving memories to my dear sister Nina













When making a decision of minor importance, I have always found it advantageous to consider all the pros and cons. In vital matters, however, such as the choice of a mate or a profession, the decision should come from the unconscious, from somewhere within ourselves. In the important decisions of personal life, we should be governed, I think, by the deep inner needs of our nature.










3.     KEY PREMISE.. 9

4.     DISCOVERY.. 10

5.     VALIDATION.. 15


7.     RESULTS. 18










During most of my adult life, I was in the process of searching to find a fulfilling career. Having started as an engineer, I did fine but it was one of those things where you do it just to get by. For years I thought that I had plenty of time to change direction. The sun would shine tomorrow and with it the new ideas and opportunities would rise on the horizon. Don’t worry, I said to myself, you have time. But, to no one’s surprise, this strategy was a total waste of time. Days became months, and then months became years… Like a hamster in the spinning wheel, I was dreaming of a better tomorrow, and yet, staying put in the deflating present.

At some point I knew I had to make a decision. I left engineering and, based on what logically made sense, I got into technical sales, and consulting, and finally landed on recruiting. Shortly after transitioning into it, I realized that I made a mistake. Yes, it paid the bills, but I struggled. I loved connecting and exploring job options with candidates but hated the unpredictable nature of being totally dependent on so many variables associated with working for the corporate world.

Time went by and, many years later, as my three children grew and were making their way in the world, I decided that the time had come to leave recruiting. Feeling totally burned out, I needed to do it for my well-being. I remember saying to myself: This time you need to find a way to know for sure what you are going to do next. This is your last chance to change careers so make it count. After changing careers four times, I needed a reliable tool to show me the way.

These exact thoughts let me to develop my method. By the way, I did take a few of the online vocational assessment tests, but the results were not specific and not prioritized, and what bothered me the most was the fact that I had no idea how they arrived at them. It was very difficult for me to accept results without knowing how there were developed. At this crossroads of my life, I needed to have a complete clarity about the results, and therefore decided to develop my own system. This way I would only have myself to blame. No, I’m not a social scientist nor a statistician nor a therapist. Just an ordinary guy who found himself in a desperate need for a convincing solution to find a peace of mind.

You may ask: Why should I follow your method? That’s a fair question and here is my honest answer. The reason you should consider it is due to the fact that it is not based on any statistical analysis or some kind of algorithm that was developed to benchmark your results to those of other individuals. My approach is based on my life experience and my intuition. When I’m asked about accuracy, my answer is: The proof is in the pudding. If you are willing to be fully open-minded and follow the steps without skipping any detail, it will take you where you are supposed to go. It did so for me just like for many others. Moreover, you will instantly know and feel if it’s accurate or not. The guiding strategy in developing this process was based on my favorite slogan: “Keep it simple.” 





Since you decided to invest in this workbook, you are a part of the minority that realizes the importance of finding and achieving fulfillment of your natural talents in the workplace. You don’t want to be a part of the 80% who get up in the morning dreading the day ahead, get stressed, eat too much, get wide, and live an unhappy and unhealthy life. The innocent you who came into this world with a big smile on your face, deserves much more than just a job that pays the bills. Is what living has to offer sums up in having a chair to spend a 9 to 5 life sentence in, wondering: Why am I wasting my life away?

Rabbi Nachman from Breslov (a much acknowledged Jewish spiritual leader) once said that a person arrives on earth by choice, equipped with all one needs to have a successful life, and exclusively controls destiny by the choices s/he makes. Your mission (which you accepted upon arriving into this world) is to think fearlessly, make the right and brave decisions, and work hard to achieve your goals. It all starts with our thoughts, which become actions, and actions become reality with consequences, for better or worse.

One note to my fellow baby boomers: It’s never too late to reinvent yourself. Yours truly is in his late 50s and on my fifth career and, finally, having the time of my life. One would say: “If only you knew then what you know now.” Yes, but I have no regrets, none. I’m truly very grateful that I found my calling before it was too late and I will enjoy perfecting it for many years to come. Yes, finding it sooner would have been great, but it is what it is. I’m happy with what’s here and now.

Albert Einstein once said: “It’s not that I’m smarter than others, it’s just that I stay with the issue long enough to come up with a solution.” Don’t delay starting the process, don’t give up, stay the course, and live a happier and healthier life. Can you think of any other issue that will impact your life and those around you more than the career choices you make?

Can you imagine a world where everyone is doing what they are best at doing? Wouldn’t that make us one happy village?




My approach is based on a key premise that everything you need to figure out what is your career calling – is in you. You don’t need family members, therapists, coaches, friends, colleagues, or neighbors to tell you who you are and what you stand for. The biggest problem is that most of us are imprisoned by our negative conditioning, by our fears. Yes, THE FEAR OF FAILURE IS THE BIGGEST DREAM KILLER there is.

Those fictional stories we tell ourselves, called “fears of what if…” keep us from soaring to the next level and reaching our full potential. Have the courage to let go of those imaginary thoughts. Have the confidence to love and respect yourself, and openly listen to the voice within.

Some time ago, when I was going through a rough patch, I went to see a therapist and we got talking about intuition and why it’s important to not ignore it. His take was that the intuition is nothing less than a heavenly spark. He believes that when we are created, G_d installs a piece of himself in our soul, a glowing spark. A microchip with your characteristics and talents burned on it. If you want to achieve a successful life, it’s your responsibility to connect and listen to the announced instructions, expressed as your “gut feelings.” Yes, those very feelings we get from time to time, and unfortunately, often overrule.

Did you know that scientists have confirmed that we have a brain not only in our heads, but also in our hearts and guts? Be open-minded to deliberate with your heart and gut. Ask your question and go with the very first thing that comes to mind.  Since it comes and goes at the speed of light, please pay attention.

Quoting Sigmund Freud: “When making a decision of minor importance, I have always found it advantageous to consider all the pros and cons. In vital matters, however, such as the choice of a mate or a profession, the decision should come from the unconscious, from somewhere within ourselves. In the important decisions of personal life, we should be governed, I think, by the deep inner needs of our nature."

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