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Client Testimonials

"Thank you for your great help. I'm on my way up." - Electrical Applications Engineer, New Jersey

"I give your process of finding career direction A+." - Pharmaceutical Executive, New Jersey

"You are a gifted teacher. It was pleasure training with you." - School Principal, Connecticut

"After our conversion, I knew that I can't go back to me up to this point.  Something clicked, doubt lifted, and everything became clear. Thank you!"  -  Sales of Physical Fitness Services, NJ

"On our group trip, your ideas about how we create our experience, served us very well. It made it enjoyable.”  - VP of Strategy, Pharmaceuticals, Pennsylvania


"Employee that was on a verge of being fired, now, my top employee.  Now she cares a bit less and achieves much more."– HR Manager, Manufacturing Co., MI


"Within 3 months of “getting it”, I held my company’s top record in client engagement, productivity, quality, overall satisfaction. Before, I was just making troubles for myself and others." – Sales Specialist, Educational Services, London


"Now, the quality of my conversation with my clients depends primarily on the clarity of my own mind." – Executive Recruiter, Technology, New York


"This understanding had a major impact on my relationships with my kids and wife. Thank you." - Business Analyst, Retail, New York


"I got it. My job as a teacher is foremost making sure that my students and I are in the proper state of mind in order for them to have the best learning experience." -  Educator, New Jersey


"The visuals were very helpful. Now I know when its time to make decisions and when not." - Administrator, New Jersey


My name is Elie Klachkin and I'm the managing partner of JOREL Foundation. I transitioned to professional training and coaching following a career track in engineering, leading to senior management, then becoming entrepreneur and permanent placement recruiter. 


B.S. Mechanical Engineering

M.S. Management of Engineering with Minor in Business Administration 

Certified Job and Career Transition Coach

Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant

Available for training and speaking engagements on following topics:

- How to maximize creativity and productivity?

- How to select career direction?

- How to excel as sales professional?

Created and developed "resuMMe" series of products - MultiMedia based career profiles for job seekers and recruitment professionals. Received national recognition for innovation.


- Authored "An Intuitive Method To Discover and Rank Career Options" and "How to Achieve More Than What You Think You Can".

- Published articles in the Elephant Journal.

- Served as a contributing writer to "101 Ways to Recession Proof Your Career" published by McGraw Hill.


Training to achieve goals is an amazing strategy to stay in shape:

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