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It's a scientific fact that aerobic activity creates a positive flow of hormones, which makes us extremely open minded to hear new perspectives, enabling us to realize insightful answers to questions that keep us up at night.

​Our virtual programs are based on our  'Insights on the Run’ self-realization technique, designed to restore self-esteem, decisiveness to make decisions and drive to pursue life style and career goals. 

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An Intuitive Method to Discover and Rank Career Options is an interactive workbook is for those experiencing difficulty in making a career direction decision or are feeling bored and frustrated at their current job.


The described method offers a simple and transparent approach designed to, once and for all, help you figure out what you need to pursue in order to achieve vocational fulfillment and well-being.


The user will benefit from:

  • Having full mental clarity and peace of mind about what dream is worth chasing.

  • Fully understanding the entire process and the evolution of the career selection results.

  • Receiving conclusive, ranked answers and not a listing of random options.

  • Experiencing a renewed sense of self-worth and the motivation to pursue personal goals.

  • Gaining a recruiter’s insights into how to deal with the most common obstacles.

Priced at $4.90 and provided as .pdf file. Emailed within 24 hours from purchase.

How To Achieve More Than What You Think You Can is an interactive journey guided by a series of short stories derived from author’s experiences.


It is not a workbook about memorizing techniques, strategies and short-lived motivational quotes. Its all about having insights/realization of what makes us a success or a failure.


After reading a short piece in the morning, the reader applies its lesson during the day and summarizes realized insights in the evening. Gradually, this method leads to a positive shift in self-perception. The mental fog will lift, leaving clarity of mind.


How To Achieve More Than What You Think You Can addressed the following topics: shaping a state of mind, accessing intelligence, improving resourcefulness, quelling overthinking and fears, making decisions, achieving career success, and raising children without sacrificing their well-being.

Priced at $19.95 and provided as hard cover book. Mailed within 24 hours from purchase. Price includes shipping within USA and Canada. Email us for a quote for other locations.