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Did you ever meet an insecure baby?

Just wanted to share an experience with one of my “Talk and Jog’ coaching clients who had a very powerful insight about self-esteem. He realizing that contrary to his belief, low self-esteem is easily reversible by just making a choice to be confident.

After a conversation and about half an hour jog, he said: "I’m done waiting for a miracle. From now on, I will perceive myself and act as confident person. It’s my life and my decision to make. Why not? I just need to have faith in myself, and stop ruining my future. I’m excited.” Well said, right?

Let’s be mindful guarding our self-esteem with our lives, by not giving-in to habitual self-criticism and destructive thoughts. We were born confident. It is our innate state of being. Feeling proud and confident in ourselves is how we are meant to live our lives.

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