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What is your frequency?

Regardless if you sell in-person or over the phone, if you sell shoes or satellites, our ability to radiate and transmit positive frequency (mental energy), is the most critical variable in creating first impression, and moreover, shapes our ability to connect and form a mutually beneficial relationship with a prospect.

I’m talking about the same type of energy we feel and radiate when we meet someone we like and eager to spend time with. Call it chemistry or intuition, it all means the same: Our state of feelings is responsible for the frequency level we are broadcasting on.

We cannot generate and transmit positive frequency when we are feeling tired, upset, insecure, overthinking or overwhelmed by the guy who cut us in traffic. If you find yourself in this predicament, it’s time for a self-care moment. Close your eyes and imagine yourself being transformed to Paradise Island, filled with amazing scenery, beautiful flowers and humming birds. Soak it all in. Let’s stay there for as long as it takes to calm our minds and tweak our frequency.

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