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Prepare to stop! Checkpoint ahead.

Our reactions and decisions are based on mental habits we developed over the years by being exposed to our social environment and events in our lives. In this short article, I will concentrate on dealing with negative habits that hold us back from living a happy and successful life. Such as self-doubt, overthinking, procrastination, being concerned with ‘what will others say’, and emotional eating.

The bad news is the fact that old habits die hard, yet the good news is that they can be replaced. The major catalyst responsible for our ability to reprogram ourselves is our will power to utilize our always-on mechanism called Self-Awareness.

Self-awareness is our innate gift to pause, observe, and self-correct our mental responses to any event or dilemma we are dealing with. All it takes is when you are faced with a situation that stirs up your inner discomfort, take a moment, and before reacting, ask yourself: “Is my response to this situation based on facts OR is it based on my habitual thinking?

If you have a lion chasing you, well, responding by running away, is based on facts. Yet, when you are not sure you can lead a new project at work, well, your false perception of your capabilities is based on habitual self-doubt.

Utilizing our power of awareness as a thought validation CHECKPOINT and having the discipline to fearlessly defend our self-respect, intelligence and wellbeing plays a major role in our ability to form positive habits which are essential for unlocking our potential and having an amazing future.

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