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It was just a life lesson and not a life sentence.

We experience lack of confidence by becoming aware of negative thoughts about ourselves. These harmful thoughts are rooted in unpleasant experiences we were exposed to in our past. Past that does not exist anymore. Repeat after me: “My negative past is dead.”

Today, here and now, when processing thoughts, we need to be mindful to activate and utilize our will power, the innate power to choose. We always have a choice of what thoughts we accept as our reality and what thoughts we ignore. Thoughts are not a fact, unless we believe that they are.

Self-esteem is our emotional immune system, and when it breaks, we start feeling low and depressed. Feeling confident will elevate our mood, allowing endorphins (feel good hormones) to dominate our chemistry and speed up our metabolism.

Let’s not be prisoners of our past. It was just a life lesson and not a life sentence. Choose to love yourself and be happy! Prove yourself to yourself and not to others. They don’t matter.

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