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What do you need to start looking for a new job?

There are so many reasons that go into making such a decision. How can one sort it all out and make an intelligent choice. Here is a simple method to simplify your decision making process.

Make a list of all the variables that will influence your judgment, such as: responsibilities, title, compensation, benefits, state of technology, boss, team environment, stress level, vacation time, working hours, commute, location, promotions, recognition, industry, personal growth, professional growth and additional factors that you feel are appropriate.

Now, “close your eyes”, take a few deep breaths, and forget your current job. Visualize yourself in a dream job. Doing exactly what you are destined to do and feeling great about yourself. With your dream job in mind, go over your list of variables and next to each of them, write down all the positive implications of having each variable met. How does it make you feel? What effect will it have on your future and on those close to you? Only positives - no negatives.

Read your findings out loud, think about each point and related pros. Next, decide what are your top three criteria are? If in doubt, go with your intuition. Trust your gut feeling, it always knows first, and the head will follow, just a bit later.

“Open your eyes” and let’s go back to reality, your current job. Take your time and evaluate the state of your chosen top three conditions as they exist today. How do they compare to those of your dream job? If they are not close and without any possibility of improvement, it’s time to search for a new career opportunity.

Best of luck, and if you have any comments/questions, please don't hesitate reaching out, Elie

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