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So, what do you do?

Each of us had this question asked of us on many occasions, but did you know that this question is actually a key to our career success?

A typical answer will be something like: I am a lawyer or I’m a therapist. But what if a lawyer answered: I help low income families with young children receive a suitable education or a therapist said: I’m teaching individuals how to regain balance and control over their life.

Which version indicates job satisfaction? Do you see the difference? What you do, should not be a noun but a verb. It has a major implication on your well-being and on those close to you. And yes, you are right, being able to pay the bills is very important, yet the question is what bills? If you need to sacrifice and stay put so that your kids will be able to attend college – my hat is off to you. Yet, if you are unhappily slaving to pay mortgage for a mini-mansion with oversized empty rooms – my hat is not moving.

Do yourself a favor, get out of your comfort zone and ask yourself this question now and let the level of passion in your answer, be your guide to finding a grounded and rewarding career happiness.

Best of luck, and if you have any comments/questions, please don't hesitate reaching out, Elie

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