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If a door doesn't open - its not your door. True or false?

Most of us had an experience facing a tall obstacle on our path of life. I’m specifically referring to walls erected and controlled only by others, not by you. For example not getting a response from a hiring company, desperately trying to get your kid into a specific nursery, getting your offer rejected by a seller, having a bad relationships, etc. One could claim to never give up, keep at it and fight. But does it worth it? I’m here to say, no, it isn’t.

Here is a short case to illustrate: an individual was targeting a specific employer for a key role. Knowing for a fact that his skills were a complete match, he got their attention and was interviewed four times. And yet, nada. He relentlessly kept calling them over a period of two months and they kept stalling him with excuses, such as, we need more time. When asked for advice, I said, you are a great catch, so stop chasing them. It’s not happening to you – it’s happening for you. For your own good. Have a beer and move on.

After several weeks, he saw a job posting with a different company and decided to apply. Within a month, he got hired and switched jobs. A while later, I got a call saying it’s the best job he ever had and he is so happy that he did not get stuck waiting for apparently what could have been a wrong move.

When you are facing a persistent wall, that others are creating on your path, which intuitively and logically speaking should not be there, ask yourself: is it sensible to keep fighting or maybe I do have a guardian angel who is there to steer me away from danger town and on to the city of success. Who knows, it’s possible, right?

Best wishes and if you have any comments/questions, please don’t hesitate getting in touch, Elie

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