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The principals of Transformative Medicine and how they apply to your career.

Recently, I watched a presentation by Dr. Ruediger Dahlke, the founder of Transformative Medicine, a leading holistic approach to well-being. He touched on three core principles that inspired me to adapt them into the world of career management.

Principal No. 1 – The Law of Polarity: Everything and anything has two sides. Just like yin and yang, nothing in existence is made only of one side. In a day, we get light and dark. Some are happy when others are sad. For every action, there is a reaction. Where there are positives, there are always negatives.

When you evaluate a career-related situation such as a new direction, job, boss, or a project, always take into account both sides of the coin. Often we get carried away by the positive aspects of the situation and completely ignore or sugarcoat the negative points, which will definitely come to haunt us later. Or, we are quite fearful of the negative aspects of a new job, completely overlooking the positives and therefore missing out on a great opportunity for growth. Be objective, don’t rush to judgment, overcome your fears, rationally analyze and take into account all the pluses and minuses before making a decision.

Principal No. 2 – The Law of Resonance: In its simplest form, it means that your thoughts have a frequency. By “transmitting” negative thoughts, your negativity gets amplified, and just like a magnet, you attract further negative feedback/experiences to yourself. Your thoughts create your reality. Everyone has heard the quote: “If you think you are right or you think you are wrong – you are right.” Years ago, a book named “The Secret” was written on this topic and received huge worldwide attention.

By being positive and open-minded in your career-related circumstances, you will attract a positive karma to yourself, which will reward you with what you desire for yourself. The process of creating a reality starts with a thought, which becomes a feeling, which compels us to take action. Be very mindful about what thoughts you allow in, since your career and life depend on it.

Principal No. 3 – The Law of Beginning: All that you need to succeed in life is contained within you from your birth. Just like a tiny seed that we plant in our backyard in order to see it grow and become a huge tree, you have all that is needed for you to become a huge success.

When deciding what career direction to pursue, listen to the voice within. You don’t need others telling you what job you should take or what career you should pursue. Believe in yourself, trust that you can do it, and you will go far. A person is capable of achieving any goal she sets for herself; the question is, will she believe and commit herself to doing it? Napoleon Hill once said that you wouldn’t have a vision of yourself, if you did not have the mental capacity to make it a reality.

So, here you have it: As every coin has two sides, always be aware of both - be positive no matter what - love yourself and trust your judgment. Stay the course, and your career will soar high, very high.

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