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What is the Origin of Our Thoughts?

We are experiencing life by having thoughts, which cause us to have feelings. We think about anything and everything that goes on in our lives. But where are these thoughts originate? And when faced with an identical decision, why one individual will have one kind of thought, while someone else will experience a totally different thought in reaction to the same circumstances?

The thoughts we are having are not random, and coming from our CONDITIONED mind. When we are born, the mind is unconditioned. Totally blank just like a hard drive on a brand new pc, and as time goes on, by interacting with the world around us, programs are written on it. Typical sources of programming are our interaction with parents, siblings, extended family, friends, schooling experience, environment, diet, and physical activity. Thus, in present time, when facing a decision, know that the type of thought our mind makes us aware of is reflection of our mind’s sum assessment based on positive and negative experiences we have had in the past.

The key to wellness lies in our ability to be AWARE of the source of our thoughts and when experiencing a negative or limiting thought about ourselves - not to act on it. Using your innate Will Power, choose not to buy in to it. Just ignore this self-destructive thought, and instead, think an opposite, a self-building thought. Replace: "No, I can't do this" with "Yes, I can do this." Or " I'm not good enough' with "It's easy. I'm the best." As simple as that.

By doing so, you will break your habitual thought generation pattern set in the past, and replace with a new pattern based on who you are in the present. A new program will replace an old program, and in no time, your mind will be reconditioned, generating positive trains of thoughts about self and those around you.

Your negative past does not have to be a part of your future, unless you let it.

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