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You are not broken. You never where.

Just wanted to share an experience from last week’s “Insights on the Run” global community jog, where one of the participants had an insight realizing that contrary to her belief that her low self-esteem is rooted in some kind of mental disorder - there is absolutely nothing wrong with her and she made it all up.

Which brings me to the factual point that NO ONE IS BORN BEING MENTALLY BROKEN. What is responsible for forming our self-image is the environment and events which took place in our early childhood. Above all, lack of parental love is a huge contributor to creating such a distorted perception of self-identity.

But, here is the kicker: Our mental conditioning can be easily changed at any time. All it takes is being conscious not to engage our insecure and habitual thoughts. Just ignore them, and instead, immediately place your attention on something positive that has happened to you lately or you are going to enjoy in the near future. By doing so, we signal our mind what kind of thoughts we choose to experience.

View your mind is a muscle that needs to be re-conditioned to provide you with mental strength and not mental weakness. If you practice this approach, I guarantee you that in no time, you will start experiencing empowering and positive thoughts about your intelligence, your potential and ability to fulfill your dreams to the fullest.

The past is dead. It does not exist anyone. You are not broken. You never where.

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