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Think YOUNG and don't let your dark past destroy your bright future.

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

This morning during our weekly 'Insights on the Run' event, discussing the topic of “Feeling confident is our default state of being”, I was asked by Lena from Brussels: “What would be a good go-to tool, when we are experiencing a lack of self-confidence?”

When facing a wall of self-doubt, my advice is to go back to your early childhood and recall a time when you overcame a very challenging situation. Now, picture yourself as that young Lena, faced with your current dilemma, and just like then, move forward and start executing, regardless of feeling anxious and fearful of the unknown.

Your childhood memory could be one of when for the first time you rode a two wheeler or drove a car or competed in sports or performed in front of an audience or even when you successfully stood up for yourself to a bully.

In tough moments, the need to go back to childhood is based on a fact that by doing so, we are restoring our psyche to its early-life state of confidence and fearless existence, when it was significantly less conditioned by negative experiences deposited in the years to follow. Think YOUNG and don’t let your dark past destroy your bright future!

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