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Popcorn to the rescue...

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Recently I had a coaching conversation with an individual who cannot make up his mind what career direction he should pursue. He is recent college graduate with a business degree from prestigious university, and desperate not to make a mistake when selecting what industry he should target.

Here is what I suggested: Go to movie theater and buy a ticket for picture you are dying to see. Get yourself a tub of popcorn with favorite pop, and immerse yourself in enjoying what is in front of you. Full mindful plunge in to the present.

Once the movie is over, walk out and find a quiet corner to sit down. Once there, ask yourself: What industry will serve me best? The answer will reveal itself immediately. Just make sure you are listening. Yes, as simple as that. A thought from within. An insight from a calm and resourceful mind will set you free.

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