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Why Corona is a blessing in disguise for providers of mental health services?

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Picture yourself a typical office of a mental health professional. Four walls, window, desk, library filled with dusty books, staled air and two opposing chairs. Not exactly a picture of warmth and relaxation. Functioning in this settings is an uphill battle for the therapist as far as being able to make client feel safe and present.

Now visualize, instead of being stationary, nailed to the chair, the session taking place outdoors, while moving and having a dialog in an open space. Strolling along a tree lined path, and at times, 'going deeper' while sitting on the bench. Fully enjoying the beauty of mother nature and energized by the fresh air.

Since we enjoy spending time outdoors with those we like, it will change the dynamic from formal to casual, from teacher-student to caring-friends having a conversation.

Beyond the obvious, it's a scientific fact that aerobic activity such as walking, creates a positive flow of hormones, conditioning us to be open minded to hear new perspectives and realize life changing insights.

So let’s dump the four walls for good and move ‘the office’ outside where our efforts will be much more effective in helping clients experience a positive change in their state of mind.

Just like the ‘couch’ was replaced by ‘chair’, while the ‘chair’ is out-of-business due to Corona, its a unique opportunity to replace it with 'walk & talk'.

Its time to put our masks on and head out. The clean air is on me.

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