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Why some succeed in accomplishing goals while others fail?

The reason can be summed up in one word: Habits. Just like brushing teeth, or having morning coffee, we are all prisoners of our habits formed in the long gone past. Our habits control our state of mind this very moment, and moreover, our destination in life.

Did you ever experience driving a car on a very familiar road, getting to your destination, and yet, not remembering how you got there? Same with habits. They hijack our awareness and take us to destination of their choice, while we are asleep at the wheel.

The good news is that habits can be changed. All it takes is fighting back by practicing self-awareness, mindfulness. Whenever we find ourselves at decision-crossroads (typically accompanied by over thinking and stress), let’s stop for a second and realize that we don’t have to take the easy way out by surrendering to our habits (which form our current comfort zone).

Let’s take our time and make sure we are calm and collected and not anxious and panicky. Smile. Now logically assess your options and make your decision, feeling reassured and energized by personal and professional successes you have accomplished in the past.

Some of us are lucky enough to develop positive habits early on in life, yet for most of us, it will take discipline and courage to replace negative habits with positive habits, which are essential to realize our potential, preserve our health and find true happiness.

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