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How to win a job interview on the battlefield of soft skills?

You have been emailing resumes right and left to positions you felt are custom made for you, and yet, minimal response and just a few call backs.

What can I do to make them notice me? I’m a great applicant, knowledgeable, experienced and motivated to work hard.

Yes, you are truly qualified for an interview, but as a matter of fact, it’s not you background that causing this lack of attention, it’s your choice of how to market your capabilities.

You see, judging by the text resumes, your competition looks as good as you are. All of you have degrees from good schools, relevant experience, and look very similar on the paper. Unless you’re very lucky, employer scanned your resume for 5 seconds, did not get emotionally connected, and saved your resume in their massive database.

To create that emotional connection and excitement about your candidacy within the hiring manager, you need to move your attack for attention from the battlefield of hard skills/experience (text resume) to the battle field of soft skills/creativity (multimedia).

If after seriously applying for jobs for a period of at least three months using your traditional text resume, and not realizing substantial results in calls for interviews, it’s time to change your strategy. Consider adding a short video component (focused on your capabilities and not on your face) to your job application.

Have the courage to go against the herd, project your creativity and uniqueness, and win calls for interviews you so deserve.

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