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How to Overcome a Job Search Related Road Block.

This blog post was inspired by a response I got to one of my previous posts, where a person who made a major move to a different country on a different continent, is facing difficulties finding a decent job for quite some time. Very discouraged and frustrated, she started to lose faith, which makes it very difficult for her to be positive about the future.

Well, this is common in the current global economy, which I am sure, does not make her feel any better.

My advice for you, and everyone else who is facing these circumstances, is prior to falling in a rut, be brutally honest and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why is getting this job so important to me?

  • Does it fall in-line with my core values and believes?

  • Why is it the right type of job for me?

  • Do I have the skills and qualifications needed to secure this position?

  • What career marketing tools am I using to achieve my goal?

  • What job search strategies am I implementing?

  • Am I searching traditionally, just inside-the-box, or am I an outside-the-box thinker?

  • How are my social media and networking skills?

  • Am I doing absolutely everything to reach my goal?

  • How do I come across in interviews?

  • Am I able to project my true value, potential and personality?

  • Am I allowing myself enough time to secure my objective?

  • Do I truly love and believe in myself? Because if you don’t – don’t expect others to…

I truly believe that everything in life happens for a good reason, but as I’m not a G_d, not ever close, I don’t have all the answers to all the questions, but I do believe and advise you to accept this claim without hesitation or over thinking. Just believe… It’s possible that this road block is actually an opportunity designed to make you think, analyze, decide and “adjust” your direction for the better.

The only control you have is over your reaction to a curved ball that life throws at you. Be positive and embrase the challenge. Answer the above questions honestly, find the reason for your temporary road block, and live the life you are meant to live.

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