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Stop working for money.

If you ask most of college bound youngsters what they would like to pursue in college and why, most of them aim for a high paying careers, with a number one reason, the paycheck. Yes, financial compensation is important, but should it be the main reason to dedicate your professional life to?

Have you ever wondered why we switch jobs on average every 18 months and change careers about 4 times during the working years? Or, why we get stressed, grow wide and become sick more frequently? Can you put a price tag on your happiness or on your health? Can you?

The main criteria of what to pursue should be based on interests and passion ahead of the money. Unless chased for a right reason, being a doctor or a lawyer is not a recipe for a life success, but in many cases, a recipe for a personal disaster.

In my opinion, the ultimate solution for your job security is when you are the best at what you do and it’s only possible when you choose a career that you feel connected and passionate about in your heart and not in your wallet.

Don’t let your fears of failure control your decision making. Do you know who failed prior to succeeding: Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs. Failing is not being a failure. Being failure is when you stop believing in yourself and let fear decide for you. Have the courage to overcome your fears and dream big, very big. Choose a career direction based on what makes you happy and fulfilled, knowing that with hard work and focus, nothing will stop you from achieving your goals.

Yes, you might have few years of lean-living, but at the end, it will pay huge dividends in your happiness, health, and yes, in your pocket. We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realize we only have one, so please don’t waste it…

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