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When making a decision being in a good state of mind is a must.

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Some of us like making them more than others, yet regardless of the junction we face, for most of us, they come with a dose of tension. I’m not going to bore you with the typical scenarios, since we all walk the same planet, so let’s get to the point.

It’s a fact - we are living while feeling our own thinking. All of your feelings are generated by your thoughts and not the outside environment, such as a noisy stranger or a traffic jam. Every moment of every day. No exemptions. A thought and feeling are like you and your shadow, like you and your echo, two sides of the same coin. A feeling always follows a thought. When you are feeling down – know that it comes from your negative thoughts. My point is that when you are in a bad mood, you are completely cut-off from your own intelligence. In this state, your mind’s energy is being fully consumed by analyzing layers over layers of thoughts, with zero capacity left to look for answers elsewhere, to where it matters, to your natural intelligence.

To feel better, all you need to do is not engage your harmful thoughts. You see, your mind is smart, very smart. When you don’t engage damaging thoughts, you are actually sending your mind a message, saying: I don’t like these type of thoughts – give me the opposite. And voila, before you know it, the negative thought is gone, and instead, a new positive thought will rise in your head, making you feel restored. Your beautiful mind is like Genie – your wish is my command.

But, where do those negative thoughts come from, you might ask? Well, your mind has a “hard drive”, where it stores all of your experiences in life for future usage, and based on your current state of mind (your mood), brings thoughts in to your awareness. Based on your decision (exercising your free-will) to engage or not engage a thought, you’re signaling your mind what type of thought you would like to receive next. Remember: by not engaging a negative thought – you’re signaling your mind to send a positive thought next. While, engaging a negative thought – you’re signaling your mind to send more negative thoughts to follow. Keep and hold onto the thought - receive more of the same. Ignore a thought – receive the opposite. As simple as that.

When making a decision, make sure you are feeling good. It’s a feeling of confidence. The same feeling you get when hearing a good joke or dancing to your favorite tune. No tension, no stress, no pressure, making a choice to be in a happy and clear state of mind. Once there, ask your question, and patiently wait for the answer, to the voice from within. Don’t get impatient and have the urge “to hear” the answer immediately. Go on and live your life, fully embracing that thought is just a thought, unless you choose to make it your reality. Be selective and the insight will come, guaranteed. Yes, good things (right decisions) do come to those who smile and wait.

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