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Our abuse of the power of mind.

Earlier in the week, when working on a challenging project, all of the sudden I found myself stuck. It was one of those moments when you are stepping on the gas pedal while the car is in a neutral gear. I want to go the distance, and yet, have no idea how to proceed. And then, while staring out the window, the Bullet-Train of negative thoughts started to pull-in to my station: “what is wrong with you; you are not that good; you will never make it happen”. The cars of this train kept coming and coming, thought over thought, and soon enough I started to experience stress.

And then, out of nowhere, it hit me: I’m stupid thinking what I’m thinking! Why would I use my mind to take me down? Am I shooting myself in a foot? Why would I allow myself to be preoccupied with these harmful thoughts, causing self-doubts, pain, suffering, and paralyzing my ability to perform?

You may ask: why did you experience negative and not positive thoughts? It seems to me, these thoughts came from my database of a long-gone past. You see, when facing a situation, the mind goes back in time and scans your memory bank for similar situations and how you responded to them then, and brings it into your awareness as an option. And we, thinking that if we think it- it must be true, take it as a fact and not as an option. We grab onto it and make it our present moment reality. This bad decision is what causing us stress, confusion and cutting us off from our unlimited intelligence.

The magic happens when you stop taking these negative thoughts seriously and just ignore them. As simple as that. When not given the spot-light, these thoughts vaporize, and now, your mind gets an access to your resourcefulness, by offering positive thoughts and answers to your questions.

Mankind is the only one of G_d’s creatures that when we lose our way, have a tendency to keep doing what we are doing, not being aware that at this moment, we have a chance to stop and choose, and then proceed. Look at nature, where animals, after running away from a threat, stop, calmly evaluate the present moment, choose the best direction, and only then advance.

Few words about conditioning. Your past is no longer reality but a memory carried though time via your thoughts. Yet, positive memories are gold and we should treasure them forever. But, the negative memories are like scratches on your front windshield - they prevent you from seeing the road ahead clearly. When you stop giving them your attention, they stop appearing in your mind. The scratches disappear and the road ahead becomes crystal clear. Now, you are in a calm state of mind, supported by an unlimited amount of intelligence and wisdom, fully capable of resolving anything on your path of life.

If you live in the past, don’t expect to find happiness in the future. The harmful part of your past is dead. Only when you disregard what is negative and dark, you can start building what is positive and bright. Please be aware of how you use your powerful mind. It is entirely up to your free will to decide how to use your power of mind, either to destroy or to fulfill the ultimate opportunity of living a happy and healthy life.

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