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Simple and Effective Method to Make Decisions for Anyone and Anything

Like anything in life, the right answers to seemingly complicated questions feel right and just make sense. As an adult, turning to family, friends, colleagues, or coaches for a direction is a mistake. You are looking for answers in all the wrong places. Everyone lives in a separate reality, and even though they are in your corner, they might see things subjectively.

All the information you need to make any decision in life lies within you. It is just that you are not aware of it. The only problem is that your mental-conditioning holds you hostage and has contaminated your mind with all kinds of limiting beliefs, making you doubt yourself, and therefore, seeking outside help.

So, let’s say it together: The Negative Part of My Past is Dead! It no longer exists! Those are just distant memories that somehow got your attention in the past, and now, sabotaging your future. You need to let go of the negative thoughts that are running in your head and crushing your chances for a successful future. These thoughts are just that, thoughts and not facts. By clinching on to them, and making them your reality, you compromise your ability to make the right choices. It’s time to let them rest in peace, and they will vanish just like clouds.

Be conscious of these dark clouds. As soon as they surface in your mind, don’t engage them, don’t analyze them, don’t question them. You don’t need to do anything. Just ignore them. If you do so, great things will start happening to you, and moreover, you will regain your clarity and confidence.

Now that the clouds have passed, the sky is clear and the sun (true you) is shining, let’s get to the point. When making a decision of any kind, such as considering several job options, what course of studies to pursue, relationships, big purchase, try the following:

  • Draw a traditional 4x7 table.

Option A Option B Option C

Positive Variable 1

Positive Variable 2

Positive Variable 3

Positive Variable 4

Positive Variable 5


  • Front left to right, as horizontal titles, list the Options you are considering, let’s say you are debating over several job opportunities, such as: 1.Product Manager at X Corp; 2.Project Engineer at Y Corp; 3.Systems Analyst at Z Corp. In general, try to keep your options to not more than three.

  • From top to bottom, as vertical titles, list the top five Positive Variables that will influence your decision making. For example: 1.ability to express my creativity; 2.adiquate compensation; 3.short commute; 4.stress free responsibilities; 5.chances for advancement.

  • Assuming you have researched each option, and are fully aware of all the facts, and considering one job at a time, score each variable on a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 indicates that this positive variable is completely not satisfied and 10 indicates that this positive variable is fully satisfied at this job. Assess as relevant in between.

  • Sum up the totals for each job, from top to bottom, and the option with the highest number, wins. As simple as that.

The key to the accuracy of this method depends on your ability to be in a positive mindset when doing this exercise, clear of overthinking, and feeling confident in your ability to make the right choice by yourself for yourself. The rest is up to your intuition, which will always steer you right.

Make your decision, and trust that life, for better or for worse, it will take you to where you are meant to go. Have a wonderful adventure filled with happiness, health and success.

Wishing You and Yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2016!

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