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A Simple Method to Resolve Pivotal Decisions.

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

In my humble opinion, as a functioning adults, turning to family, friends, colleagues, therapists or coaches for an advice on making a personal decision, is a mistake. We are looking for answers in all the wrong places. All we need to make a judgment is embedded within us, it’s just that we are not aware of it yet. In this short article I will present for your consideration a simple system which is designed to enable us to make decisions of any kind by ourselves for ourselves.

But first, we need to optimize our state of mind, so that our intelligence will function at its best when we reason to resolve our dilemma. It is my strong believe that our ability to unlock the resourcefulness of our brain power lies in our ability to question and ignore our limiting thoughts and believes. These thoughts are just that, thoughts and not facts. Yes, they did evolve from the circumstances of the long gone past, but we have the will-power to stop them from ruining our future. We are not the same people we were then. So why function as someone we are not anymore? By clinching on to past experiences, we imprison ourselves in to a state of shame and self-doubt. Let’s choose to let all those limiting thoughts rest in peace and move forward with confidence and self-respect.

Now that we are in the right state of mind, let’s get to the point. In case you are at any type of crossroads, such as issue at school, need to make a career decision, job choices, relationship related problem, planning a big purchase and so on, here is what I suggest:

  • In this example, we are choosing a career direction.

  • Create a traditional matrix table of 5 by 10.

  • As horizontal titles, from left to right, write up to top 5 career options you are considering.

  • Now, as vertical titles, from top to bottom, write your top 10 Career Satisfaction Factors, which are important for you to be fulfilled while choosing a career direction. For example: ability to express our talents, not being a desk job, ability to manage complex projects, power to make decisions, my work impacting others, career advancement opportunities, being able to travel, 100k plus income potential, time with family, in-demand industry, warm climate, low stress, and so on.

  • Assuming we have researched each career path and fully aware of all facts, while analyzing one career option at a time, score each factor on a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 indicating that this factor is not satisfied, and 10 indicating that this factor is fully satisfied when pursuing this option.

  • Sum up the totals for each career option, and the option with the highest score, wins. As simple as that.

Email me if you would like to receive a sample of completed Ranking and Calculating table.

The key to the accuracy of this method, which can be applied to any life situation, depends on our ability to clean our conditioned mind and have the confidence to trust our intelligence in providing us with the right answers.

Let’s remember, each and every one of us, was born as an image of the spiritual power, and therefore, intellectually has the capacity to succeed while applying our unique talents. Just like a tiny seed which grows to become a beautiful tree, all we need to prosper, lies within us since birth. Our ability to truly believe in this fact and in the power of positive thinking, will decide our destination in life.

Best wishes of happiness and success, and please let me know if you find my method helpful by emailing to me at

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