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How to make sure your decisions are based on your full potential?

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Regardless of dilemma we are facing, decisions we make in life, are a direct derivative of the state of mind we are in when making a decision. In a higher state of mind – our decisions based on higher level of our innate potential / intelligence while in a lower state of mind – decisions we make, will be based on proportionally lower level of our innate potential / intelligence.

The best way to assess our state of mind is by the type of feeling we are experiencing when deliberating over choices. Before making a decision, ask yourself: “What type of feeling I'm experiencing in this very moment?”

If you are experiencing a feeling shown in bottom half of the T-Scale (Tense, Tired, Hopeless, Sad, Self-Hate) and NOT in the top half of the scale (Relaxed, Energized, Hopeful, Happy, Self-Love) – don’t make any decision.  Making a decision in this state of mind, is shooting yourself in the foot. Selling yourself short!  Go do something nice and positive for yourself, allowing your State of Feelings to rise, and only then utilizing your full range of mental horse-power, proceed with your decision making process.

Being aware of this simple insight can steer us away from future filled with regrets and pain, and towards happiness and fulfillment. No one makes out of here alive. Let’s make sure we live a life worth living. Your comments will be greatly appreciated.

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