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Self-limiting thought is a temporary condition and not a fact.

Few weeks back, LS joined us for our weekly “Insights on the Run” event, when the topic was: Experiencing a Self-Limiting Thought – Does Not Make It a Fact.

Following the discussion which took place during our slow run, she shared that for years she has been procrastinating over a decision to go back to school to obtain a law degree. What if I’m not smart enough? What if it’s going to be too much juggling family and school? What if I won’t be able to find a job? The excuses where pouring in at a speed of light, she said.

My I ask you a question, I said: What changed for you now? After a few moments of silence, she responded: “My insecure self-perception was the source of my thoughts. It must be a temporary condition of mine, and I should not take it as a fact, even if I’m the source of this thought. It’s probably coming from my childhood, when I was very shy girl. I choose not to be that girl anymore. My imaginary fears kept me a prisoner in my self-made cage. They paralyzed me, killed my ambition to go after my goals and ruined so many years of my life. Not anymore. “

I had goose pumps and just said: “Wow, and please remember, no one gets out of here alive. Make sure you live a fearless life with no regrets! Go for it L.”

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