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How to Win a Lottery and Beyond.

This morning, as I was scanning the online sites to see what is going on in the world, came across a side item about a guy in Israel, whose flight got cancelled due to the fear of rockets. As masses of frustrated, angry and loud passengers were exiting the terminal on the way back home, he smiled and walked over to a Lottery stand and bought himself a Pick-6 random ticket for 116 shekels (about $30). Well, can you guess what happened next? Yes, you guessed it; he won 8 million shekels (over $2 million).

Some of you might say, he is just one lucky guy, yet I think there is more to it. I believe that one’s positive mindset, generates a positive behavior forwards yourself and others, which generated a positive feedback/carma from the universe.

If you are facing the challenge of finding a new job or other life-related obstacle, believe that it is temporary, focus and develop a plan of action, stay the course, be positive and you will be blessed with the fruits of your optimism.

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