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There is so much more to you that you are not aware of.

We all know of somehow who in order to stand out in the sea of other qualified applicants, created a personal web page or a short video or a portfolio or a mini-business plan and emailed it with the resume. I just heard of a business-major college grad who in additional to a resume, submitted a link to her personal web page, and was hired by Google. With or without the site, I’m sure she is qualified, but so are many other candidates who were not willing to invest the time and the effort to properly respond to a job opportunity.

You might say: when employer is asking to submit just a resume, would I come across as someone who does not follow directions? My answer is absolutely not. Put yourself in hiring manager’s shoes. Would you discount an individual who goes beyond the call to fully project hers/his capabilities and comes across as creative, determined and confident? Another popular objection is: in my field, it’s not the norm or not necessary. Because others won’t, exactly for that reason, you should. And when an old habit of thinking is suggesting you otherwise, just remember: candidates get discounted for having less, and never, for having more critical details offered in a job application.

You must be open minded to supplement your text resume, which is mostly focused on skills and experience, with an additional tools that showcase your personality, potential and motivation to perform well. I would even go one step forward and say that the soft attributes are more important than the hard facts. Skills are always a work-in-progress and can be improved over time while individual’s personality is fixed for life.

I’m not here to solicit work but to make you think outside the box and be aware of your options. Do something extra and do it well, whatever you feel is relevant. Be creative yet focused and professional. There is so much more to you that can be put in words...

Best of luck, and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to get in touch, Elie

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