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Don't go to Law School. There are too many lawyers. True or false?

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

What will be your response to this statement? While making a decision, an individual should ask herself/himself is why do I want to be a lawyer? Is it because my dad wants me to be one, or the prestige that comes with a title, the money, working under pressure, an opportunity to research, analyze, debate, solve complex problems, make a difference?

Now is the time to dig deeper and learn about who you have become. What do you love to do, what capabilities/skills you enjoy using, what motivates and inspires you? Based on your answers you will have a better understanding of your core value system and the decision to pursue or not, career in law, will be obvious.

I’m not a lawyer, but do know a few and came across many in my career in recruiting, and must say for a fact that all those who got in to this field for the wrong reasons are either working yet disillusioned or have moved on to better suited careers. While those who got in to practicing law for the right reasons are in a high demand and thriving.

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