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True or False: Are Soft Skills is a Number One Criteria for Making a Hiring Decision?

Based on asking this question of 80 employers of small to mid-size companies, the overwhelming 63 of them said: True.

If it’s so, why do we still market our candidacy using a paper resume? The written content does reflect well our hard skills, such as: work history, achievements, education. But it does not do us enough justice when it comes to soft skills, such as: enthusiasm, motivation, focus, patience, resilience, and having a sense of humor.

We all had these experiences, when we emailed a resume to a perfectly matched job opportunity, and in return, received zero response. Albert Einstein once said: “Doing the same thing over and over again while hoping for a different outcome is a definition of insanity.” Well, this sure applied to us in this instance, stuck with trusting our careers to an outdated format. It is truly amazing where in all other major aspects of our lives, we are fully impacted by the digital revolution, yet in career management, its business as usual, using just paper resume. I’m not saying it’s obsolete. My message is that it is not sufficient to properly project our full scope of capabilities.

If we want to get noticed by a hiring manager, we need to think outside the box, and consider adding a short video clip to our job application. Can you imagine the benefits of being able to copy & paste a streaming link of your Career Presentation within your emails to employers, add to your resume and include it in your LinkedIn profile? In doing so, we will find suitable jobs with less effort, while employers will save time and resources on interviews. Truly a win-win for both.

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